10 Reasons to Get Pre-Approved

It is essential for a Buyer to get Pre-Qualified for a mortgage before looking for a new home. Through the Pre Approval process with a Mortgage Consultant, a Buyer will obtain answers to all of their financing questions and concerns before putting an offer on a property.10 Reasons To Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage
A Mortgage Consultant will find the best loan program to match your financial needs and present loan options and available terms for each program.

Buyers can save time by establishing a realistic price range so you your Real Estate Agent can present the best homes you can afford.

Pre-Approval Documentation will motivate Sellers to come down to their Best price for a Buyer who they feel confident will close on time and with the least amount of stress.

Mortgages offer a number of income tax incentives. It is important to know all the strategies for structuring the best loan to benefit your overall financial picture. Make sure you are maximizing your tax write-offs by choosing the correct loan.

The Buyer will have the opportunity to consider different down payment options and “points” versus “no points” options. It is important for a Buyer to understand the loan they will be getting. Some loans have adjustable interest rates and a Buyer must be informed about any possible change in the monthly mortgage payment over the length of the loan.

First Time Home Buyers programs offer a variety of unique benefits such as Bond or Grant money, closing cost allowances and special incentives only available to first-time home Buyers.

Submitting the mortgage application early will give a Buyer plenty of time to gather all required paperwork and avoid scrambling around later.

The Mortgage Consultant will be able to make recommendations if the Buyer is challenged with credit problems or needs creative approval strategies such as paying off debt.

The amount of your approved home loan will determine whether a single family home, condominium, or townhome makes the most sense financially.

The joint efforts of the Buyer and Mortgage Broker will ensure that the Buyer benefits from the best possible Interest Rate and the lowest Mon

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