Pricing Your Home

Pricing your home is the most important factor in getting your home sold quickly. It has been said that 90% of marketing a home for sale is price. Knowing how much your home is worth is a key essential which can save you time on the market and advertising expenses. Please click What Is My Home Worth to receive a free comparative market analysis of your home and a professional in-person consultation with one of our team members. By properly pricing your home, you will receive the most amount of exposure from potential homebuyers looking for a home just like yours. The longer the home is on the market, the lower the final selling price of the home will be.

It is imperative to price your home to sell. If your home sits on the market due to it being overpriced, then prospective homebuyers will possibly think that there is something wrong with your home. Or the longevity on the market may cause very low offers from potential buyers trying to steal your home for a much lower price than you are asking. The offers that sellers receive after the home has been sitting on the market for a long period of time are typically lower than those received in the first month when your listing hits the market, and buyer’s activity on your home is at its peak.

Our listing experts will personally go over the comparative market analysis in order to guide you and your family on the best sales price in order to sell your home in a timely fashion.

Can’t I Come Down In Price Later?

Many home sellers are caught up in the past when the market was booming. When sellers decide to list their homes in today’s real estate market, they price their properties thousands of dollars above market value. The number one reasons that homes do not sell is due to unrealistic expectations concerning the value of their home. As a seller, you must be realistic when setting your price and must understand that the market is ever- changing. You must be aware of the market conditions in your area. If there haven’t been any offers on your property after 10 showings or after 4 weeks of it being on the

market, it is time to adjust the price. Don’t be afraid to lower the price to keep your home from becoming stale. You must lower the price of your home to a level that will attract potential buyers.

Don’t get caught up in how much money that you have already invested into your property with the cost of improvements over the period of ownership. Prospective homebuyers are not concerned about your needs, only their own, and they are not willing to pay anymore than the amount of a comparable home in your same neighborhood. Instead, focus on what you are receiving for your home. Regardless of how you determine your listing price, the market will always determine what the price of your home will bring in today’s market. Be very aware of what the market tells you.

Offer Incentives:

Sometimes buyers need cash rather than a lower sales price in order to be able to afford your home. A sales price adjustment of $2,000-$5,000 will not affect the buyer’s monthly payment tremendously with a 30 year mortgage. However, a cash incentive, such as “Seller Pays $3,000 Towards Buyer’s Closing Costs” may greatly affect the number of buyers that can afford your home. With interest rates on mortgages and taxes rising, buyers are looking to pay as little money out of pocket as possible. Remember, by offering to pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs will attract more potential clients and make your property stand above the competition in your area. Our team offers 4 competitive commission plans in order to net you more money at closing. Please click on: Commission Plans to view our full-service personalized plans

Selling Bonuses:

In a competitive buyer’s market which we are currently experiencing, buyers’ agents have many more properties on the market to show their prospective clients. By offering a very competitive buyer’s side commission will entice an agent to show your property over the many other ones on the market. Think about this. If an agent has a buyer that is interested in a particular area, the agent will find all of the available properties to show his/her client. The agent will show the properties that are offering the highest commission to the buyer’s agent. Again, this is why it is imperative to offer the most competitive commission to buyers’ agents. Our team suggests that all of our clients offer at least a 3% commission to buyers’ agents.

To receive a free home comparative market analysis on your home, please click:
What Is My Home Worth

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